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mcafee is an antivirus security tool it makes your device 100% safe and virus-free. To your mcafee live safe activation, you need to visit- www.mcafee.com/activate and then follow the installation instructions till you receive the confirmation notification of a successful installation.

In this post, you have all the installation steps with expert assistants. Here you have some information about mcafee activate 25 digit code and

Where you can find the mcafee activation key?

mcafee activation key is 25 digits alphanumerical code. This code is very important during mcafee activation. You can find this code on the backside of your retail card if you purchase this code at a local store.


Here we go know about How do I activate my mcafee product key?

following steps to install mcafee product key-

Step:1- Open www.mcafee.com/activate live safe mcafee link.

Step:2- Now, enter your additional information. What is being asked like — Email address and mcafee activation product key.

Step:3- Click on ‘Next” Button.

  • McAfee activation page is asking you to log in to your McAfee account.
  • If you have a McAfee account kindly login to your McAfee my account.
  • Don’t have a McAfee account? no problems, on the same page you have a register option.
  • To create a McAfee account there are some simple steps that you can read below in a separate section.
  • Here I assume that you are logged in to your McAfee account after redeeming the activation code for McAfee.
  • Now it is showing you to download the setup file for your product just download it and also note down the product code. The product code will be later used in between the installation.
  • Run the setup file now and follow the positive options just like run, continue, and yes.
  • Put the product code when it is asked.
  • Looks like your Mcafee is now installed and you are ready for the first scan in your computer with your brand new Mcafee antivirus.

How to protect Gmail with mcafee antivirus?

McAfee’s anti-virus products help protect against contracting viruses and malware through your Gmail account. While Gmail messages themselves don’t pose any danger, McAfee’s Internet security applications scan any files that may be attached to the messages when you download them from the Gmail website. This protection is included in all of McAfee’s main anti-virus offerings, including Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Protection, and All Access.

Open your McAfee application’s interface by double-clicking the McAfee icon in the notifications area of your desktop taskbar. If you don’t see the icon in the taskbar, open the system tray by clicking the arrow on the taskbar near the clock.
Click the “Virus and Spyware Protection” tile on the main screen, and then click the “Real-Time Scanning” tile.
Check to make sure the real-time scanning is set to “On.” If it’s set to “Off,” then click the “Turn On” button to activate it.
Click the “Settings” tile, and then place a checkmark in the box next to “Email Attachments” in the “Scan These Attachments and Locations” section. This setting causes McAfee to scan any file attachments you download from Gmail, including image files displayed inside your messages.
Place a checkmark in the box next to “Instant Messaging Attachments” so that McAfee scans any attachments you receive when using Gmail’s chat feature.
Scroll down to the “Scan for these Threats” section, and then make sure there is a checkmark next to “Spyware and Other Potentially Unwanted Programs.”
Click the “Apply” button, and then click the “Home” link to return to the main screen.
Click the “Web and Email Protection” tile, and then click the “Firewall” tile.
Ensure the firewall is set to “On.” If it’s set to “Off,” click the “Turn On” button to activate the firewall. The firewall helps prevents Internet access to your computer by unauthorized users who may try to steal usernames and passwords from your hard drive or through various means such as keylogging programs.


Shield your digital life: Mcafee.com/activate-livesafe

Home network defense:- Network protection monitors who’re on your Wi-Fi and protects your devices behind a firewall.

Social protection:- Steer clear of unsafe posts, avoid spreading harmful content, block risky websites. Keep your social network safe.

Family safety:- Parental controls protect what your children do and see online. Help them explore the web safely.

Work security:- Shred sensitive documents, encrypt and lock files, securely store your login details. Keep your work-life safe.




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